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As a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners and customised extraction systems, we have forty years of experience in developing custom-tailored, safe and innovative solutions for extraction technology. From long-lasting industrial vacuums to complex extraction systems: We can find a solution to extract any kind of media. Regardless of the composition or consistency of the material, from aluminium and asbestos to dust and chips, explosive or non-explosive – a Ruwac vacuum cleaner does the job thoroughly, safely, for a long service life.

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Bild von Sebastian Jendrny Ruwac Vertriebsleitung

Interview with S. Jendrny: Questions and answers on the status of (extraction) technology

Ensuring individual customer service allows us to offer optimal solutions. This is the conclusion of a brief interview between the editors of the specialist journal Schüttgut and Sebastian Jendrny, Head of Sales at Ruwac. Extraction technology is a diverse field, and there is no single right solution for every application.

Bild einer Staubexplosion zum Artikel Staubex

How long have there been dust explosions?

Why did millers have a bad reputation in the Middle Ages? Because explosions sometimes occurred during milling, people thought that millers were in league with the devil, or were engaged in the “dark arts” and experimenting with alchemy. At the time, no one knew that flour was explosive.

Ruwac stands out for its customised, perfectly-tailored solutions.

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