Better than the others, right from the start

Wherever there's an omelet, there's a chip. And where chips fall, Ruwac industrial vacuums and extraction systems are not far behind. In the more than forty years of our company's history, we have continuously worked our way to the top. Today, the red - and now also black - Ruwac industrial vacuums are among the most reliable available in the field of mobile and stationary extraction systems.

Whether liquid or solid, harmless or explosive - we offer you a custom-fit solution, an optimal extraction system, for every suction material and every application. An intelligent modular principle for our mobile industrial vacuum cleaners, patented inventions such as the foot lever for low-dust emptying and individually designed solutions for high-performance extraction systems are proof that quality and practicality are our top priorities.

When Ruwac was founded in 1976 by Siegfried Wagner and Manfred Runge, there was complete agreement on the goal: to produce the best suction units. Suction cups that solve problems with any type of suction material and are suitable for the toughest applications. And so, from the very beginning, no compromises were made. The production of each Ruwac follows six simple but effective principles, then as now: