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Ruwac Entstauber DS6 für den Staub- und GasEx-Bereich mit Drehstromantrieb und Patronenfilter.Ruwac Entstauber DS64000 saugt Heustaub bei Bunny Tiernahrung in Melle.Ruwac Entstauber DS63000 saugt Kartoffelstäube in der Landwirtschaft.Ruwac Entstauber DS64000 saugt Graphitstäube bei Drebelow in Nordholz.

DS6 dust extractor

  • With cartridge filter
  • Suitable for almost all applications
  • Suitable for extracting airborne dust DIRECTLY at the point of origin
  • Equipped with large-dimensioned filters of dust class M, optionally also dust class H
  • Guarantees long service life with constant suction power

The DS6 industrial vacuum cleaner with cartridge filter in detail

The Facts

Sheet steel
Motor power (kW)
1,5 - 4
Voltage (Volt)
Underpressure (mbar)
-23 - -35
Air flow rate (m³/h) (measured with 3m hose)
2.050 - 3.550
Air flow rate (m³/h) (measured with fan)
4.500 - 6.200
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) (DIN EN ISO 3744)
69 - 73
Residual Dust filter for dust class H (m²)
Cartridge filter for dust class M (m²)
24 - 48
Width (mm)
830 - 1.070
Length (mm)
1.030 - 1.260
Protection class IP
Capacity (litres)
55/2x 55
Suction connection (mm)
150/200/2x 200
Operation pressure (bar)
5 - 6
Type of cleaning
Compressed air