The new OMIKRON filter | Ruwac Spotlight

Welcome to Ruwac Spotlight! ???? Today it's all about the OMIKRON filter element, the new innovative product that is revolutionising cleaning technology. Join us as we unveil the special features and benefits of this filter and how it integrates seamlessly into our industrial vacuum cleaners.

A strong partnership: The new OMIKRON filters from Ruwac

In our ongoing 'Ruwac Spotlight' series, we are pleased to present the latest developments in the world of industrial vacuum cleaners. Today we would like to highlight a special collaboration with Herding Filtertechnik and introduce the ground-breaking OMIKRON filters.

These filter elements are the result of a close co-operation and bring numerous innovations to cleaning technology. Their features and benefits cannot be overlooked and offer an improved solution for a wide range of applications.

The versatility of the OMIKRON filter

OMIKRON filters are not only powerful, but also extremely versatile. Made from robust polyethylene, pressed into a mould, they offer a filter area of 0.15 square metres. These filters can be easily removed and cleaned, whether in industrial dishwashers or autoclaves for sterilisation. Their FDA conformity also makes them suitable for applications in the food industry.

Easy to maintain and upgrade

With the Ruwac modular system, retrofitting and upgrading to OMIKRON filters is child's play. By removing the pocket filter and manual cleaning, the filter holders and Easy Air Touch cleaning system can be easily installed. This provides users with an improved solution for their specific requirements.

A look into the future

The introduction of OMIKRON filters marks a milestone in the partnership between Ruwac and Herding Filtertechnik. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration offers and look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions for the cleaning industry.

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