How do you actually vacuum ... metal-oil mixtures?

Metal swarf, which is produced during the entire machining process, is usually not present in pure form, but in combination with cooling lubricants, cutting oils, etc., i.e. as a mixture of solid and liquid components.


In addition to extracting the chips from the working area of the machine tool, there is another task to be performed here: separating the solid and liquid parts. There are chip extractors for precisely this task. When the suctioned material enters the vacuum cleaner, the (wetted) chips are first collected in a basket. They can then be recycled as valuable secondary raw materials without "downcycling". The liquid part goes into a collection container and can be disposed of or processed.

Clean and environmentally friendly emptying

The liquid container is emptied by gravity or via a pump, which can be operated simultaneously with the suction operation or alternately. The air particles are cleaned in the vacuum cleaner via a filter before they are released into the atmosphere. This keeps the working area of the machine clean and both fractions can be recycled. This concept has proven itself in the metalworking industry for many years.

The solution from Ruwac

Ruwac offers chip vacuum clean ers with different motor outputs. They are also suitable for vacuuming large quantities with a small proportion of liquid and for vacuuming heavy chips and, in the three-phase versions, as "continuous runners" on machining centres with pump-down control.