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Interview with S. Jendrny: Questions and answers on the status of (extraction) technology

What are the biggest challenges currently when it comes to extraction technology?

SJ: Certainly, the huge variety of individual requirements and the speed with which processes change today. What works well for one user is not always transferable to the next user. A solution that achieved good results yesterday may need to be replaced tomorrow with a new one, since the materials or quantities have changed. Flexibility is essential – from vacuum manufacturers, from users, and from the systems themselves. That is why our devices use a modular design.

What are typical errors people make when choosing an extraction system? How can they be avoided?

SJ: Often, people underestimate the complexity of the process if they want to find a truly optimal extraction system. What kinds of materials need to be extracted? What are their physical properties? What kind of environment will the extraction system be located in? What kind of environment will it be extracting materials from? These are just some of the questions users need to answer when making their decisions. The best way to avoid errors is to get advice from competent experts.

What trends do you see in the extraction industry?

SJ: The desire for flexibility and ongoing customer service continues to grow. It is no longer enough to just sell an industrial vacuum cleaner or install an extraction system and leave the user alone with it. Customers want to know they will receive good, regular support. This starts with personal sales consulting, and includes user-specific training and professional, regular service support.

Thank you very much!

The complete article (with an expert contribution from Ruwac on extraction systems for powder coating) is available on the “Bulk materials” homepage.

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