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Product Information

Product overviewWe vacuum everything
Extraction systemsCentral vacuum systems
Vacuum cleaners with three-phase driveDS 3-22, 3-40
 DS 1220, 1400, 1750
 DS 2410, 2420, 2520, 2720
 DS 4150
 DS 1220 with spark trap
Vacuum cleaners for gas explosion hazard areasZone 1 and Zone 2
Vacuum cleaners with AC driveWS 100, WS 200
 WS 2210, 2220, 2310, 2320
Vacuum cleaners with direct driveDA 1110, 1111, 1112, 1113, 1220, 1300
 DA 5150
 DA 5112, 5152
Compressed air vacuumsDLS 1000
Wet/dry vacuumsWSP 2000
Chip extractorsSPS 35, SPS 250
Vacuum in dust class HAbsolute safety
Dust extractorsDS 63000, 64000, DS 64400, 65600
Wet separatorsNA 250, NA 35, NA 7-11
 NA 7-26



Function of a Ruwac industrial vacuum cleaner Full animation
 Emtying an cleaning
 Problem solving


Reliably extract an suction powder dusts an residuesFlyer Powder Coating    
Vacuuming ashes safelyFlyer Ashes
Clean and safe – cleaning in bakeriesFlyer Bakeries
Cleanliness in metal cuttingFlyer Metal
Vacuuming in agricultural sectorFlyer Agricultural


Specialist information

Hazardous substance dustWhy do we need dust protection and explosion protection?
Safety in indoor shooting rangesWhat are the requirements here?
Safe handling and treatment of oil, oil mist and oil vapourSafe handling and treatment of oil, oil mist and oil vapour