Ruwac Mitarbeiter aus der Produktion
Because there's always something to laugh about.
Dieter Schlanert, Production
Ruwac Mitarbeiterin aus dem Marketing beim Fotoshooting
Good work/life balance, thanks flex time.
Eva-M. Lohmann, Marketing
Ruwac Mitarbeiter aus der Technik und aus der Konstruktion
Because i like to work with Michael.
Michael Voß, Technology and Michael Brandhorst, Construction
Ruwac Mitarbeiter aus dem Wissensmanagement am Computer
They trust you here.
Jan Röbelt, Knowledge management
Ruwac Mitarbeiter aus der Schlosserei
I have a great team - that's why I enjoy going to work every day.
Andreas Lang, Metal working
Ruwac Mitarbeiter aus der Logistik
Mitarbeiter haben ein gutes Miteinander.
Alexander Pognirebko, Produktion
Ruwac Mitarbeiter aus der Technik
Super Team.
Christian Haselberger, Technik
Ruwac Mitarbeiter aus der Produktion
Weil's immer was zu lachen gibt.
Dieter Schlanert, Produktion
Ruwac Mitarbeiterin aus der Produktion
Gutes Team, gutes Klima.
Darina Roller, Produktion
Ruwac Mitarbeiterin aus dem Marketing beim Fotoshooting
Gute Work-Life Balance dank Gleitzeit.
Eva-M. Lohmann, Marketing
Ruwac Mitarbeiterin aus dem Verkaufsinnendienst
Hier wird man nicht alleine gelassen.
Lara Keller, Ausbildung
Ruwac Mitarbeiter aus dem Wissensmanagement am Computer
Hier wird einem vertraut.
Jan Röbelt, Wissensmanagement
Ruwac Mitarbeiter aus der Logistik auf einem Gabelstapler
Immer mit Spaß dabei.
Viktor Block, Logistik

Into the future, together

For over 40 years, we have been delivering custom-tailored industrial vacuum cleaners and extraction systems to our customers all over the world from our headquarters in Melle. We learned early on that the long-term experience of our employees is RUWAC's most important asset, alongside our expertise. People can best develop their talents in an atmosphere of trust and openness. Friendliness, consideration and a willingness to help others are important to us.

We have defined competence, communication and employee development as the engines that will drive future company development. Currently, we have around 150 employees. This means we are large enough to offer a diverse range of good jobs with development opportunities – yet small enough so that every employee can understand what is happening in the company as a whole, and make their own contribution to our corporate success.

Whether in extraction systems or in our company itself: Combining forces is the right solution. That is why we are looking for employees who can fit in well here. Become part of our solution! Working at RUWAC is a process of give and take: You contribute your knowledge and your unique skills. We create an environment where you can develop further. See for yourself: Our employees offer insight on why you should work here.

What Ruwac has to offer

Flexible work schedules
Ensuring employees can combine their careers and volunteering
Employee events
Family-friendly holiday plans
Bicycle leasing
Company suggestion scheme
Works Council
Mobile work

Create a job alert

Our application process

We start by reviewing applicants and carrying out an internal selection process.
We invite applicants who match for a position to an in-person interview.
They then complete a brief practical training program of one to two days, which helps us get to know them better.
We make an offer to the applicant who is the best fit, and look forward to our collaboration.

Get to know your colleagues at Ruwac