How do you actually vacuum up ... colour pigments?

In any case, very thoroughly. Because the main property of pigments is, logically, their colour intensity. This does not bode well for cleaning.

Even very small quantities can, according to the motto "small cause, big effect", contaminate the environment sustainably and permanently.

Use after every colour change

The modular Ruwac industrial vacuum cleaners from the DS 1220 series have also proven themselves in this area of process technology. They are powerful and can be adapted to different tasks thanks to the wide range of accessories - for floor cleaning as well as for the internal cleaning of components, containers and systems.

The latter, internal cleaning, occurs more frequently in pigment and paint production. After every colour change in production or during painting, the systems must be very thoroughly cleaned of pigment residues. This ensures that the subsequent colour application corresponds exactly to the desired colour shade.

Dust-Ex is (usually) mandatory

Most paints today are water-based and therefore non-flammable. However, the powdery pigments, some of which are organic, can be explosive. This is why vacuum cleaners that meet the requirements of dust explosion protection are often used.

A leading global manufacturer of automotive paints uses a Ruwac DS 1220 M in its production of electrocoatings. The decisive criteria for the purchase included the explosion-proof design from the ground up and convenient operation

Decisive - reliability

Another important factor from the user's point of view is reliability: cleaning the conveyor systems for dosing the pigments with each colour change is absolutely essential. This is why the user appreciates the robustness for which Ruwac vacuum cleaners are known and the company's own comprehensive on-site service. However, in the event that the vacuum cleaner should actually break down and the service team is unable to respond immediately, the paint manufacturer has taken precautions: an identical device is in the "standby" position.