Pre-separator systems for industrial vacuum cleaners: time savings and longer filter service life

An effective pre-separation system can extend the filter life of industrial vacuums and extraction systems while saving time. By separating particles from the air stream in advance and collecting them in separate collection containers, it reduces the load on the actual vacuum cleaner. As a result, the collection containers need to be emptied less frequently and the filters stay clean longer.

There are different types of pre-separator systems tailored to the specific requirements and types of vacuumed material:

  1. Pre-separator vessel: this simple solution is often used. The suction flow is directed so that the particles bounce against the inner wall of the container and sink to the bottom. The exhausted air with finer particles is extracted centrally to avoid larger particles.
  2. Pre-filter cell for voluminous suction material: Suitable for the collection of large quantities of light and voluminous particles. A cylindrical pre-filter cell with a filter bag collects the coarser suction material.
  3. Pre-separators with their own vacuum generation: These pre-filter cells have an integrated vacuum generation system to compress the collected material well and make optimum use of the filter.
  4. Silo with cyclone separator: A cyclone separator separates particles from the air by centrifugal force. The collected particles can be removed continuously or as required.
  5. Vacuum cell: A new variant in the pre-separator range. The vacuumed material is automatically separated into a big bag before it reaches the downstream suction unit.
  6. Separation of solid and liquid fractions: Special "chip vacuums" can separate liquid from solid suction material components and are well suited for machine cleaning and suction in machine tools.

The use of pre-separator systems reduces filter wear, extends filter service life and reduces the effort required to empty collection containers. This results in cost savings and more efficient use of industrial vacuums and extraction systems.

Choose the right pre-separator system to suit your needs and reap the benefits of longer filter life and increased time savings.

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