How do you extract... Gunpowder

Just like explosives, gunpowder belongs to the category of explosives. When they are activated, a very violent chemical reaction develops very quickly - an explosion. When used "as intended", i.e. when shooting or blasting, this is not only

blasting, this is not only desirable, but absolutely necessary. However, when vacuuming - for example in production or in a room firing system - this property is fatal because an explosion can also occur if an unsuitable industrial vacuum cleaner is used.

Important: Regular cleaning

Despite or precisely because of this, regular cleaning is absolutely essential wherever gunpowder and explosives are manufactured or handled. This is because deposited dust can also ignite.

For this task, Ruwac has developed vacuum cleaners that can also suck up highly explosive dusts such as gunpowder - without risk. The dust is safely separated and collected, and the exhaust air can be fed back into the room.

The design features of these vacuum cleaners include a housing made of fully electrostatically conductive GRP and a defined air speed in the suction hose. All dust-carrying components are smooth on the inside so that no deposits can form. The vacuum cleaners are also free of ignition sources.

Risk-free suction of explosives

With these vacuum cleaners, Ruwac proves that even highly explosive gunpowder and explosives can be vacuumed up safely and efficiently. This is confirmed by tests carried out by a neutral institute, which conducted explosion tests with the vacuum cleaners. The result: Vacuuming up a quantity of 150 g of propellant powder residue or 125 g of black powder residue does not pose an acute danger.

You can find an illustrative practical application example HERE.